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Adventure Camp


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Adventure Camp with JCC Recreation Staff

Adventure Camp is 5 fulfilling days of wilderness training and adventure!

All participants will have a fun and unique opportunity to learn the ways of the woods and all nature has to offer. This camp is a great way to understand how we respect our environment as well as learn how to be a safe and responsible wilderness explorer.

Day 1) Icebreakers and team building: Day one will be the start of this adventurous week with multiple teambuilding exercises to build our troop it into a well-rounded and acquainted adventure team.

Day 2) Conservation and appreciation:  Day two will consist of understanding and appreciating the environment and what it offers us. Identifying plants, trees and foliage and the ways that we can use nature to benefit our everyday lives.

Day 3) Rock climbing, repelling and zip line: Day three will consist of one of our most adventurous and exciting experiences of the whole summer, a full day of rock climbing, repelling and zip-lining.  All participants will learn and understand the importance of safe and technical climbing, while completing fun challenges.

Day 4) Wilderness survival and first aid:  Day four will consist of a full day of survival training and basic first aid and CPR for all participants.  Although this full day of training will not result in a certification it will give all participants the basic knowledge that he or she may need to know for emergencies that can take place at home, school and of course in the wilderness.

Day 5) Adventurers challenge:  Day five is our day of challenges, recapping everything the adventures learned over the course of the week.  Participants will compete and be judged on group and individual events where they can put their adventure skills to the test.

All participants will receive an official Adventure Camp bandanna and water bottle upon arrival Day 1 and earn an Official Adventures Badge upon completion on Day 5!


Specialty Camp Session 1 - June 25-29

Specialty Camp Session 2 - August 20-24

Grades 5th - 9th

Price: $379 JCC Members/$399 non-members